Private Labels

Elevate your brand with customization

Create your private label from 600kg!

At Oasis Shadrin, we redefine private label pet food creation with a commitment to flexibility and accessibility. Our low 600kg minimum order quantity empowers businesses of all sizes to craft their own label without constraints. Unlike traditional competitors with 10-ton MOQs, we prioritize agility, ensuring quality without compromise.

✅ 100% printed bags
✅ Starting from 1000 pieces
✅ Production lead time: 2 months

Let’s compare offerings

Explore the advantages of choosing Oasis Shadrin over traditional competitors.

Unrivaled flexibility in order quantity (MOQ)
Seamless 100% bag printing
Accessible minimum quantity of pieces
Efficient production lead time of 2 months
Traditional competitors
MOQ: 10 tonnes
Printing type: separate labels
MOQ pieces: 10 000
Production lead time: 4 to 6 months (minimum)
Oasis Shadrin Group
MOQ: 600kg
Printing type: 100% on the bag
MOQ pieces: only 1 000
Production lead time: 2 months

How does the process work?

Uncover the essential steps to initiate your private label creation for pet food, specifically dry food, with Oasis Shadrin. Discover the specifics of each step in our comprehensive process explanatory section, designed to provide insights into crafting your bespoke private label with Oasis Shadrin.

Initial request

Fill out our detailed form to create your private label, with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) starting from just 600kg.

Analysis and confirmation

Our team analyzes your request and confirms with you to ensure mutual understanding.

Graphic creation (optional)

If needed, enjoy our first 20 hours free for graphic creation, with paid options beyond.

Packaging payment

Pay only after the packaging production begins, with an estimated delivery date of 2 months.

Fast and flexible delivery

Receive your order from 1000 pieces within a competitive 2-month timeframe.

Realize your brand vision

As the final step in our process, receive your custom products and kickstart your journey to selling your unique brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our services.

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