Our commitments

The principle of good nutrition.

Cats and dogs are not seduced by claims and flashy designs. They simply eat what tastes good and feels good. Based on years of experience and research, our in-house nutritionists have discovered that “wellness” is based on three basic principles: taste, digestibility and health.

This has become our “principle of good nutrition”, which is the basic requirement for any new formula created.

Food security.

We’re more than just private label pet food manufacturers – we truly care about the health of every pet. That’s why we operate with complete transparency and the highest quality standards. We use only the best ingredients and the most innovative technologies.

Guaranteeing the best quality.

Throughout the production process, both the raw materials and the finished products are subjected to a new series of quality controls. In this way we are able to establish full traceability for every ingredient in every bag sold.
Oasis-Shadrin Group’s pet food products have received IFS – International Food Standard certification, recognized as one of the most prestigious in the food industry.

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