Media room

At Oasis Shadrin Group, we like to keep in touch with our customers and provide them with useful information to better understand our products. That is why we have created a series of brochures, catalogs and other materials that you can download online.

OSG Catalog

Our online catalog, which includes all the recipes we offer, is now available for download on our website. It features a wide variety of recipes for dogs and cats, made with quality ingredients and high nutritional value proteins. Each recipe is designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of each pet, while providing an exceptional taste experience. We are confident that this catalog will inspire you to feed your pets in a healthy and delicious way. Please feel free to download it and give us your feedback to improve our products.

Brochures & catalogs

We also offer specific brochures for each of our brands, highlighting the unique features and benefits of each product line.

Download the Natyka brochure, available in French and English

Download the Bon App├ętit brochure, available in French and English

Download the Wolf’s Mountain brochure, available in English and French

Download the Natura Wild brochure, available in French and English

About licenses
& Private label

If you are interested in creating a private label or purchasing a license for one of our brands, we have detailed information documents available for you to download online.

    Access to media kits

    Acces to the private media center page dedicated to our brands and products. Here you will find a multitude of materials such as product photos, graphics and many other media resources to help you communicate about our products. Please note that access to this page requires a password.

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