All About OSG

A family company.

Olivier, an ambitious and successful athlete, was forced to end his handball career at the age of 22 due to an injury. He then turned to dog sports and breeding, acquiring two huskies and dedicating himself to the sport. He quickly gained a reputation as a passionate breeder and was even named “Breeder of the Year” by the magazine “Siberian USA”.

In order to meet the nutritional needs of his sporting dogs, Olivier started producing his own high-quality pet food, using only quality ingredients that are rich in animal protein. The demand for his products quickly increased, leading him to dedicate himself full-time to this new career.

A goal for the future.

Since 1995, the Oasis Shadrin Group has been developing high-quality animal feed certified by IFS – the International Food Standard, one of the most respected certifications in the world of industrial feed. The company distinguishes itself in its sector by using renewable energy sources and supplying its products throughout Europe and the world.
The company is experiencing steady growth thanks to its drive and commitment to continuously improve its products for pet food. It is committed to caring about the environmental impact, particularly epigenetics, and goes beyond the efforts of most pet food manufacturers. The company aims to promote a safer and healthier world for both humans and their pets.

Our brands.

Oasis Shadrin Group was founded with the goal of providing high-quality pet food. Since its inception, it has developed several brands of dog and cat food, all designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of each animal. Each brand offers a wide range of products, from kibble to treats.
The company focuses on using quality ingredients, carefully selected for their essential nutrient content. Oasis Shadrin Group products are available in many pet stores around the world, as well as online. Thanks to its commitment to quality and sustainability, Oasis Shadrin Group has become a reference company in the pet food industry.

Our guiding principles.

We strongly believe that collaboration with others is a powerful way to come together and succeed. Working together towards a common goal inspires creativity and ambition, while the pleasure of a job well done is our ultimate goal. We are passionate about creating and believe in bringing all team members together to achieve this.
Together, we can build ideas that will change tomorrow. We believe that people are the key to success, and by working together, we can make a difference. That’s why we come together to build something great and make a difference as we strive to create a better future. Together, we can build something extraordinary.

Some key dates


Initial development of a food for dogs adapted to their nutritional needs.


Creation of a first private private label and development of a first recipe


Launch of the brands NATYKA and BON APPETIT on an international scale


Organization of the company in its current status
– Animal feed and private label service of private brands.
– Development of a first software and development service.


Launch of the brand WOLF’S MOUNTAIN
– Development of a media service


Creation of 2 subsidiaries:
– Oasis-Shadrin Czech Republic export department
– Oasis-Shadrin Russia for the CIS delegation


Launch of the brand NATURA WILD


Internalized production of packaging


Launch of the brands ANIMALUX and BONJOUR


Launch of 2 additional brands

They work with us

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