Mix & Match a revolutionary product

Discover the unique kibble mix for healthy, happy pets.

With thousands of kibbles available on the market it’s hard to find one that stands out. But now there’s a unique kibble mix that offers whole that offers whole ingredients. This specialized kibble blend is the perfect solution for for pet owners who are looking for something more than just than the usual kibble.
It is sure to provide your pet with all the vitamins and minerals he needs, while and minerals your pet needs, while being tasty and nutritious.

The concept
of mix & match

Innovative, different and adaptable, this new concept in pet food is a concentrate of new products on the market and nutritional benefits for for animals. Among the thousands of kibbles available, none of them offers a kibble mixes with whole ingredients.


Choice from a selection of compositions

The existing compositions are available in the different segments


Adding ingredients from a selection

Multiple ingredients can be mixed into the chosen composition, like vitamins or superfood (Dried berries,
Dried fruits, Dried vegetables…)



The resulting assembly corresponds to a finished product and is a brand new unique product

An innovative approach

Combining a variety of different ingredients and flavors, the product offers nutritional benefits to animals and is completely adaptable to the needs of each animal.
This new concept revolutionizes the pet food market by bringing a level of quality and convenience not found anywhere else.

Added values of the concept

This product is adaptable and can easily be customized to meet the needs of different pets. With this new food concept, you are sure to get the best kibble on the market.

Allows you to offer specific recipes according to the needs of the animals

Provides real health and nutritional benefits to the animal

Meets a demand from distributors in the sector

Increased flexibility

Using the same basic recipe, it is possible to create possible to create several recipe variants.
This approach makes it easier to follow trends and customer preferences. preferences. The end result is a better quality product product, adapted to the needs of each animal. needs of each animal.

55 compositions
more than 1000 recipe variations

By having a versatile recipe base versatile recipe base, pet owners can be pet owners can be sure that they are providing the the best possible diet.

Requested by distributors.

Our kibbles are designed to meet the specific demands of each distributor, allowing them to distributor, allowing them to differentiate their products from each other on a on a qualitative basis.

We understand the needs of distributors in today’s in today’s market, and we strive to provide products provide products that allow them to differentiate themselves differentiate themselves from the competition and provide pet food products of the highest quality. of the highest quality.
Our product is unique in its range of offerings, and is sure to help any distributor looking to to elevate their brand and increase their customer customer base.

Affordable quantity

Our production method is the ideal choice for creating private labels.

Excellent alternative to standard factories

This production system is an excellent alternative to standard factories, as it does not require such a high production quantity (standard quantity of 10 tons).

Smaller production runs

One of the advantages is that it is possible to create smaller production runs, which helps to reduce costs and waste, while allowing companies to experiment with different products and flavors.

Ideal choice for private labels

The flexibility and low quantity of our system makes it the ideal choice for creating successful private labels.

Get in touch with us for your private label project

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